One week down and #6 done!

My Art Lab studio has been up and running for a week! With no distractions and even maid service at the hotel the Art Lab puts me up in, I have been able to get lots done.  After over 70 hours of work , three trips to two of Jackson’s thrift stores, and scavenging one of my own shirts, number 6 is done! In keeping with my working style, I spent the morning  today sorting fabric strips, sweeping the floor and scraping the dried glue off my Gingher scissors ( my mother would be horrified at the condition of my shears after I complete one of my compressed fabric pieces). After lunch I started the sketch for #7. Tomorrow I will paw through my fabrics, make a couple more trips to the thrift store up the road and get my rotary cutter rolling.

If you are in the Jackson WY area on Feb. 18th, I will be giving an artist talk at 6:00PM along with Michelle Ramin, the other visiting artist from San Francisco.

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2015 and Hot Yellowstone #6

#6 is on the easel and the lower left hand corner is started. That seems to be my favorite place to start and I think it’s because I am a lefty! #6 wont be one of the rainbow colored hotpots but one of the highly textured ones in shades of greys from pinky to blueish. The color variety really is amazing in what might seem like a boring color. I have been haunting Meals on Wheels for just the right shades and textures of this unassuming color. Cashing out with 7 0r 8 pieces of clothing all in grey is always a fun experience especially when some of them are so ugly they should’ve never seen the light of day! I have learned not to turn my nose up at the ugly ducklings as they are often the best pieces.

I plan to finish #6 in Jackson during my residency that starts in 3 weeks. I am also bringing 3 more frames with me in hopes of finishing that many more. I was blessed and thrilled to have sold 4 of my Hot Yellowstone pieces to corporate clients in 2014 and just this week the fifth one sold at the Governor’s Capitol Show here in Cheyenne. I best get busy!!

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Goin’ to Jackson! Oh Yeah!

I am proud to announce that I was one of the top 12 finalists for a residency at the Teton Art Lab Although I could have got on the waiting list for a Summer spot I elected to go in February. Call me crazy to head North in the Winter but I really want to experience Yellowstone in the Winter. I plan to take a lot of source photos for my Hot Yellowstone series which I plan on working on during my residency ( already have two frames just waiting to be #6 and #7). So far I have made five in the series and I haven’t by any means exhausted the subject matter. I also want to develop a gallery guide for this series that helps inform people about the geothermal features in Yellowstone ( did you know that microscopic critters called Thermophiles live in and create the colors of the dangerous beauties called paint pots. Cool! Actually really hot and alkaline). So, look for posts about my adventures in Jackson in February!

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Finished, Photographed and Entered!

Hot Yellowstone #5 is finally finished and entered into the Governor’s Capitol Art Show.  Once a year Wyoming artist across the state vie for a place in this prestigious show. Purchase awards  buy art for the government offices around the state. Hopefully this piece will make it into this year’s show which opens Feb. 13th 2015 at the Wyoming State Museum.

Hot Yellowstone # 5. Some of the interesting fabrics in this piece include pieces from my Grandmother's dresses, 30 + year old African fabric from Uncle Les's shirt, one of Dave's shirt, a crazy crocheted place mat and my gold bath towel.

Hot Yellowstone # 5. Some of the interesting fabrics in this piece include strips from my Grandmother’s dresses, 30 + year old African fabric from Uncle Les’s shirt, one of Dave’s shirt, a crazy crocheted place mat and a gold bath towel snatched from the linen closet at the last minute!

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Hot Yellowstone #5 Underway

I still have several images from my Yellowstone trips that I plan to add to this series. Right now I am working on #5 and by Dave’s calculations I am about halfway finished. I am on a deadline for this piece so I will be “laboring” away this holiday weekend. My goal is to finish and photograph this piece so I can submit it as one of my entries to the Governor’s Capitol Show. I better get cracking!


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A few weeks ago I got my copy of Surface Design magazine in the mail. Its always a pleasure to look at the art and read about how other textile and mixed media artist go about their work. I also really like the Exposure section which is about, you guessed it, giving exposure to textile artist around the world. To my surprise, I had one of my Hot Yellowstone images in this section! I had all but forgotten that I had entered images for consideration months ago.Click the following link and scroll down to page 2 to see my entry Exposure-surface-design

Hot Yellowstone#1 in process.

Hot Yellowstone#1 in process.



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Shakespeare turns 450 on April 26th!

Just for fun I gave the Bard a birthday present of a pair of Rawhide Studio earrings! Happy Birthday to the Bard!

Here's a man that's not afraid to wear a little lace and bling! Go WIll!

Here’s a man that’s not afraid to wear a little lace and bling! Go WIll!

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