Two pieces of exciting news!

First, over the weekend I was awarded the Best in Mixed Media award at the Spirit of the West Art Show in Cheyenne. The show has close to 300 pieces of work in it and will be on view at the Old West Museum till April 15th. The opening reception was packed! Dave and I saw many of our artist friends and supporters and enjoyed getting to know some new ones. Below is a picture of the winning piece. It was based on a photo taken during a primitive ( I’m not kidding about primitive and no amenities) camping trip Dave and I took last fall to the Red Desert with Eric Molvar from The Voice for the Wild .The second piece of news is I finally finished my new website. Here is the link Sometimes I can’t believe how techie I am getting! Websites, blogs, Facebook, Droids, Pinterest, where does it end!! Off to the studio to start working.

Honeycomb Buttes, Rabbit Brush and Turtle Scutes -Leather, Velvet and Beads

Here are some shots from our Red Desert Trip

Hiking in the Honeycomb Buttes

Boors Tooth and Rabbit brush


About artfulhandgallery

Georgia and Dave Rowswell run the Artful Hand Studio and Gallery in Cheyenne WY. Dave is a high school art teacher and Georgia is a studio artist and workshop presenter
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One Response to Two pieces of exciting news!

  1. I am so impressed by your inspiration points and final execution of your truly “Artful Hand”.
    Your blog is great—wild mustangs? I don’t know how you find time to do it all.

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