So…what is it?

I went to my favorite thrift store on the South side of Cheyenne this afternoon and found a great mystery box! I often use found boxes and drawers to contain my compressed fabric pieces because they add a certain quality with their interesting past life plus I don’t have to make the box ( which means going out to the garage and working with loud and kind of scary tools). If anyone has a guess as to what this box used to contain, I would love to hear it! Knowing what it was used for might give me ideas on how to turn it into an art piece.

the only label on it is a bunch of numbers
APPS-1 FSN6675-115-2416  Size: 23.5″ x 13″ closed


Close up of the photo taped to the hinged cover. The right side of the photo shows what it looks like when everything is covered up and the left side is what the instruments look like when the covers are off.


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Georgia and Dave Rowswell run the Artful Hand Studio and Gallery in Cheyenne WY. Dave is a high school art teacher and Georgia is a studio artist and workshop presenter
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2 Responses to So…what is it?

  1. David L. Vik says:

    What was in the box?
    I’m +90% that the box is for storing and transporting a mirror sereoscope. This would have been used for viewing overlaping pairs of areal photos in 3D. Used by the military, or USGS, and likley assembled in an office and never to see the box again. I have not had any luck yet with the designator or federal stock number.

  2. Thanks for the information! If that is true it is a good fit for me since I use aerial maps in my work!

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