Peaks and Plains magazine article and new work

Peaks and Plains is Great Lakes Airline’s in-flight magazine and they have included a feature article on my work called Land Portraits in the Autumn 2012 issue! Exciting…. I even got my work on the cover! Here is a link to their site Peaks and Plains 

I am also starting in on anther piece in the Hot Yellowstone series which is all about the geothermal features in Wyoming’s premier National Park…Yellowstone. Now I better get in the studio. I have a big project underway and fabric spread all over the place!

Hot Yellowstone 2 underway. Books on tape so far are: Shattered Dreams by Irene Spencer (ex-polygamist ), Caveat Emptor by Ken Perenyi (art forger) and I am in the middle of The Accidental Billionares (the founding of Facebook)


About artfulhandgallery

Georgia and Dave Rowswell run the Artful Hand Studio and Gallery in Cheyenne WY. Dave is a high school art teacher and Georgia is a studio artist and workshop presenter
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One Response to Peaks and Plains magazine article and new work

  1. SANDY BORDSON says:

    WOW – congratulations Georgia!!!!! SOOOOO proud of you and happy for you. that is totally awesome!!!!

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