Union Pacific Roundhouse

When we first moved to Cheyenne, Dave and I took the Union Pacific roundhouse tour lead by retired engineer Lynn Nystrom. Clad in his denim overalls, Lynn guided us through the guts of the repair shop, next to the yard to see the retired and active engines and finally to the few remaining stalls of the roundhouse. In its day, the 48 stall roundhouse must have been something. The one stall we saw was huge with soaring multi paned windows, large enough to hold several engines including the “snowblower”with its huge rotary blade for clearing tracks.

Because of this tour and the constant presence of the railway in Cheyenne, for the last two or three years I have been thinking of creating a railway based piece. Last month I took some time to visit the railroad museum in the Depot and was attracted to a 1930’s aerial photo of the old roundhouse. It became the source photo for the piece currently on my easel. It’s a mixed media piece using construction details from denim clothes like seams, pockets and button and then over painted with acrylics.

The piece is a combination of the new Drift series and the older Fabric of America series. I am still adjusting the values and colors but it is nearing completion. It needs to be done and ready to photograph in the next few weeks for a show I plan to enter. SO…time to hit the rails, and get to work!


About artfulhandgallery

Georgia and Dave Rowswell run the Artful Hand Studio and Gallery in Cheyenne WY. Dave is a high school art teacher and Georgia is a studio artist and workshop presenter
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3 Responses to Union Pacific Roundhouse

  1. Vanda says:

    Amzing! I was thining aerial for a piece and now I see how you medium will capture the show!

  2. Do says:

    I agree. You are amazing.

  3. Nancy Quinn says:

    Superb work, as always!

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